"I Turned To Christ" 

Vocal Solo


Lyrics by Kelly Coleman

Music by Kelly Coleman & Mindy Meyers

Key of B Flat (2 flats)


Vocals by Carrie Carlile

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  My heart is light, the pain is gone

I once was weak, now I feel strong

I turned to Christ who knew no sin

but understood my needs within


In faith I asked for Him to heal

and teach my soul that hope is real

He heard my prayer, answered my plea

and did bestow His love on me


In Christ I found the strength to live

Now I will share the peace He gives

That men may know the joy that comes

Through faith in Christ, the Holy One


He did atone, bore every grief

to succor all His precious sheep

Come unto Him, at last be free!

And feel the love He ever brings


He overcame, endured all strife

for us He did give up His life!

So turn to Christ and show your faith

As you do you’ll feel His love,

Receive His grace