"This Child of God"

Vocal Solo, A Mother's Lullaby


Lyrics and Music by Kelly Coleman

Key of B Flat (2 flats), 

modulating to key of A (3 sharps)


This child of God, Sent from above

 To have, to hold, to teach and mold

A gift to fill my heart with love


This hope I feel, So very real

 Potential great, your journey waits

With reverent awe my mission is now clear


To show the pathway back to Him

who sent His son to o’ercome sin  

With faith in Christ there is nothing to fear


I’ll teach you truth while in your youth

 Extend the rod, the Word of God

To give you strength through life’s pursuits


Your light within, can shield from sin

 You’ve pow’r to choose, to win or lose

Will you stand up tall and follow Him?


The time will come to find your way

I’ll teach His word without delay

With faith in Christ your light will never dim


There are doctrines to be learned, exaltation must be earned

We came to earth, to prove our worth

The strait and narrow helps us to return


O child of God, nature divine

Of royal birth, her’tage sublime

Take hold these truths, the spirit will confirm

The love of God surrounds you, feel it burn!


All through your life seek out His aid

He loves you so, the price was paid

Forsake all sin, forever follow Him

And someday He will say, “Come, Enter in...”